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In its first season, Chefs A' Field won the 2004 James Beard Award for Best National Cooking Show, a CINE Golden Eagle for People & Places, and was runner-up in the 2005 White House News Photographers competition for Best Documentary. For more information click on the links above.

Seattle Weekly
"Let Emeril continue to pump it up, leave the Iron Chefs to seek out ingredients ever more exotic: A quite counter-trend in culinary TV has emerged. Returning to the basics of simplicity, seasonality, and plain old freshness, Chefs A' Field brings the concept center screen to create a new kind of down-home American cuisine. Shot in High Definition, the series makes the food look so good that you can smell it. So, until the first radishes and rhubarb make their appearances, stay your appetite for freshness with this show!"

Food & Wine
"From the award-winning PBS series, the producers film chefs hunting for ingredients...Chefs A' Field was praised by Julia Child, who lauded the show's "refreshing focus."

The Seattle Times
"Hungry? High-tail it home to catch the new 13-week national cooking series Chefs A' Field - Showcasing regional foodstuffs and celebrated chefs across the land."

Michael Pollan
Author & Columnist
The New York Times

"Chefs A' Field makes an important contribution to the burgeoning debates about our food chain...and by taking us back to the farm, it reminds us about something we've all but forgotten: that eating represents our most profound engagement with the modern reminds us that ethics and pleasure need not be at war -- It is a happy marriage that evolves on Chefs A' Field."

The Village Voice
"These recipes are for folks who like to live "close to the land," or even those that don't...dishes range from simple Pommery Potato spactacular Flaming Apple Skillet Tart. Chefs A' Field makes it all simple: Tune In, watch, cook, enjoy."

Additional Coverage Appeared In: The Washington Post; New York Times; New York Newsday; New York Daily News; San Francisco Examiner; Kansas City Star; Tacoma News Tribune; Carolina Citizen-Times; The Hill; Washington Business Journal; Lohas Journal; TV Guide; Food Arts magazine; Sound & Vision magazine; High-Def magazine; DVD magazine; Gourmet Retailer; CBS Radio; and others...

The Chicago Tribune
"Chefs A' Field looks scrumptious and comes at an opportune time, just as sustainable agriculture breaks through to the forefront. Though it is the first cooking program in HDTV, we were most impressed with the subject matter, skillful camera work (apparent even without HDTV) and leisurely pace that celebrates its subject without getting preachy..."

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
"Look out for Chefs A' Field...if you like food, even a little, you do not want to miss this one!"

The New York Times
"The purity of Iceland's food caught the eye of the producers...who created a beautiful segment for the farm-oriented PBS cooking show Chefs A' Field."

"From Michelin 5-star restaurants to out-of-the-way cafes, the Chefs A' Field crew has created an intriguing diversity of farmer-chef pairings with delicious results."

Global Chefs
"Not your average cooking show... Chefs A' Field is unlike any other to date."

San Jose Mercury News
"Tune into Chefs A' Field... where seasonal ingredients star in their own cooking show."

The Phoenix Independent
" intriguing series showcasing farmers and chefs that far surpasses your standard television fare."

Sound & Vision
"Looking for some fabulous PBS eyecandy? Check out Chefs A' Field. This is the world's first HiDef cooking show and the footage is absolutely to die for. But be sure to wear a bib, because I guarantee you'll be drooling over this one..."


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